• * Edits et Ordonnances, I. 585.In 1661, Laval wrote to the cardinals of the Propaganda, that during the past two years the

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    Take this ornament, she said; I have many of them.... Take this pin and clasp too.Vol 3 PREFACE OF THE ELEVENTH EDITION.Find extraordinary campuses, a variety of student support and innovative programs, opportunities and experiences at uLethbridge.

    He had received elaborate instructions, and they indicate an ardent wish for the prosperity of Canada. Colbert had written to him that the true means to strengthen the colony was to cause justice to reign, establish a good police, protect the inhabitants, discipline them against enemies, and procure for them peace, repose, and plenty. ** And as, the minister further says, the king regards his Canadian subjects, from the highest to the lowest, almost as his own children, and wishes them to enjoy equally with the people of France the mildness and happiness of his reign, the Sieur Talon will study to solace them in all things and encourage them to trade and industry. And, seeing that nothing can better promote this end than entering into the details of their households and of all their little affairs, it will not be amiss that he visit all their settlements one after the other in order to learn their true condition, provide as much as possible for their wants, and, performing the duty of a good head of a family, put them in the way of making some profit. The intendant was also told to encourage fathers to inspire their children withAdmissions

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    According to Pontrincourt, Argall admitted that the priest had urged him to attack Port Royal. Certain it is that Biencourt demanded his surrender, frankly declaring that he meant to hang him. "Whilest they were discoursing together," says the old English writer above mentioned, "one of the savages, rushing suddenly forth from the Woods, and licentiated to come neere, did after his manner, with such broken French as he had, earnestly mediate a peace, wondring why they that seemed to be of one Country should vse others with such hostilitie, and that with such a forme of habit and gesture as made them both to laugh."Its your time to shine. Choose from more than 150 degree, certificate and diploma programs.

    Meules, Dpch de 1682. Meules was intendant in that year.Explore programs

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    At dinner, which was at two o'clock, grace was said in Huron,for the benefit of the Indians present,and a chapter of the Bible was read aloud during the meal. At four or five, according to the season, the Indians were dismissed, the door closed, and the evening spent in writing, reading, studying the language, devotion, and conversation on the affairs of the mission.Create, experience and thrive. Choose from more than 70 masters, certificate, diploma and doctoral programs.

    * Talon a Colbert, 10 Nov., 1670. 91 The papyrus furnished with a seal, of which this is a copy, is deposited with Philon, son of Sophilus. The witnesses are: Lycon, son of Hegesias, and Charicles, son of Theron.Explore programs

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    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Our main campus is located in the city of Lethbridge, and combines breathtaking natural beauty with cutting edge learning and research facilities. With seven faculties and schools, the Lethbridge Campus offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs for all types of students.

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    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Earn while you learn at our Calgary Campus! Connecting uLethbridge with Calgary's East Village and the downtown core, our Calgary Campus offers flexible credit and non-credit programs for working professionals. We provide evening, weekend, online and blended learning options to upgrade your credentials, advance your career or even pivot into a whole new one.

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    Strong, swift and enduring the spirit of the pronghorn is legendary, and it lives within us all.

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    We are home to one of Canadas most significant and diverse art collections.We also host fine arts events year round.

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    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Founded in 1967, on traditional Blackfoot land, the University of Lethbridge is home to 8,900 undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. With campuses in Lethbridge and Calgary, we are one of Canada's top ranked universities and leading research institutions. Our Blackfoot name, gifted to us by Elder Bruce Wolf Child, is Iniskim, meaning Sacred Buffalo Stone.

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